Welcome to the future!

                 27 ECOs NOW ON THE ROAD!!!

                New stock arrived and sold out!

                          Next shipment arrives Sept/Oct         



A real head-turner!

The ECO EV1 packs a lot of features into a small package. With a 7.5 KW motor, speeds up to 78 KM/H are possible. The 10.8kWh battery gives a range up to 150 km.


Charge with 120V or 240V

Enjoy the flexibility of charging with standard 120V current or with a 240V outlet. 


Charging cables compatible with Twizy receptacles available upon request.


Click HERE to download a PDF product flyer.

$500 off the purchase price for

Age Concern members!

ECO EV1 4 Seater, A Class with great features!

Car Details:

Body Style:

Hatchback with 4 seats


Aqua, raspberry, gold, macchiato, grey, white, glacier blue

Dimensions (inches):        136.3 x 61.4 x 57.9



$24,500, now with alloy wheels


Note: These colour swatches are not accurate. Visit the vehicle colours page.

Features & Accessories:

  • Right hand drive
  • "A" class
  • Air conditioning
  • Front wheel drive
  • LED daytime running lights
  • MP5 player
  • DVR
  • Backup camera
  • 10.8kWh Lithium battery
  • Roof rack
  • 7.5kW motor
  • 110V/220V charger
  • Radio
  • Bluetooth
  • Four wheel independent suspension
  • Range about 130km

Special Opportunity - Demonstrator Vehicle for Sale - SOLD!!!

Less than 24,000km, on the road since December 2021. $16,000. Who will be the lucky owner of this well-maintained ECO?


  1. Your driving habits can affect the vehicle's range
  2. Charge every night
    Treat your car like your cell phone - start each day with a fully charged battery. 
  3. Make sure your charging receptacle is GFI protected
    Bermuda's electricity can fluctuate. Protect your investment.


The EV1's smart charger automatically recognizes 110 volt and 220 volt currents.


It draws about 13 amps @ 110 volts and about 8 amps per leg (wire) @ 220 volts.


GFI protection at the receptacle or the breaker is required.


The car will not charge faster when plugged into a 220 volt receptacle.


The EV1 is compatible with the UK Twizy charging receptacles but note that the public charging stations owned and maintained by Current Vehicles are only for use by Twizy renters.


Private Twizy charging receptacles such as those at Swizzle Inn are available for any restaurant patron.


 Please consult your electrician.

110 volt GFI receptacle

110 volt 20 amp GFI receptacle

220 volt GFI receptacle

220V 20A receptacle (GFI on breaker)